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We get tons of positive letters & cards, lots of "thank you" & "Amen!" email and all sorts of good vibes. So, to show the positive and happy side of the coin (to more than balance out the Karma of the hate mail we receive) we're going to put up a nice, large sampling of all the positive, validating, up-best, fun, good stuff we receive on a daily basis! Read on and Enjoy! If you want to send us some good ju-ju, or just add your comments, you can email your comments and letters directly to us or submit them via our web form on our contact page: CONTACT US!

“I enjoyed reading the reasons why Jesus is a liberal and thought to myself, you are so correct. The individuals writing the hate mail just don't get it. Keep your web page going. I'm sure Jesus is smiling down on you.” Paul B. ~ September, 2005

“Thank God we have a site that is able to put the war-mongering right wing, "God Fearing" fools in their place. Please, please keep up the good work. Jesus was not only a liberal, he was a radical liberal. Those "Christians" out there who continuously state that he was not, have obviously not read the holy bible. Again, please keep spreading the word, hopefully we will, together, change the governing faction of this country which has been hijacked by the war-mongering, extreme radical, right who do nothing but suck the liberty out of great country. God Bless!” Ron L. ~ August, 2005

“This site is so true. I'm tired of these crazy conservatives in Oklahoma. I think the name of Jesus is wrongfully used to make social advances. Power to the liberals.” Joe K. ~ August, 2005

“Good Service” Frank J. ~ August 2005

"Thanks God for this website - it is about time that Liberal Christians start saying its: Jesus IS a Liberal!!! Too long we've been quiet. Why???? Like you said, read the sermon on the mount - THAT IS JESUS!" Joel R. ~ August, 2005

"I just got a Jesus Is A Liberal t-shirt for my birthday - thanks Mom - and thanks to Jesus Liberal website. Yes Yes Yes - I Love this website and the message. Read the Bible - Jesus is a Liberal and a Liberator! Lisa. J. ~ August, 2005

"Just wanted to say this is a great site, and I ordered a bumper sticker. One of the biggest challenges the Democratic Party faces is breaking the near-monopoly the GOP has on religion. This site helps do that.” Dana M. ~ August, 2005

“Jesus a liberal? But of course! What has astonished me for the past quarter century is that so many people could think otherwise!” Mary C. ~ August, 2005

“GOD BLESS YOU!!! It's about time some open minded Christians begin to speak up! It sure seems like the so-called "Religious Right" likes to depend heavily on the Old Testament and Revelations to support their conservative viewpoints. It's a shame that, as Christians, they often ignore the teachings of Christ. I challenge them to go back and re-read the 4 Gospels then pray to be more like Jesus.” Tom C. ~ August, 2005

“What is really scary is that Bush foreign policy in the Middle-East is a fusion of Neo-Con lust for oil and Christian- Zionist Premillenialism. The fusion won't work because the World has caught on to the duplicity.” Dr. C ~ July, 2005

“Here's a slogan idea: WHO WOULD JESUS TORTURE? Replace the 2nd "T" with an image of the Christ on the cross.” Daniel F. ~ June, 2005

Oh YEAH - Eat that W! Someone should send a bumpersticker to the White House! Ha ha ha!" David K, ~ July, 2005

"Like a lone fire in the wilderness, your website gives me solace & hope. I'll link to this stie." Barbara W. ~ July, 2005.

“Hey I’d just like to say thank you. I wish more people could find this website and see how Jesus truly was, and what is teachings truly taught. He was the Buddha reincarnate. I love this website.” Erika ~ July, 2005

“How about a sicker or shirt reading: `You can't start a war & be pro life’?" John L. ~ May, 2005

“I just wanted to say thank you for such a great site. I’ve always felt that Jesus was love and acceptance, not the hateful, intolerant being that these fake "evangelicals" claim he is. I don't know where they get half the crap they preach, because none of it is in the bible that I own. Keep up the good work.” Phil F. ~ May, 2005

“Finally, I don't feel so alone! I had a near death experience three years ago. Since then I've been exploring Jesus. I'm also researching other religious scriptures. The Jesus that I have come to know is definitely a liberal. Jesus has been lost to us by politically motivated writings of Christianity. Most of Christianity is in direct conflict with the true teachings of Jesus. Even when the cannon comes close to telling it like it was, they omit very important parts. That's why when you read it, it doesn't seem to make sense. It was a great political ploy, keeping people ignorant and confused at the same time! I'm very happy to have found this web site, totally by accident I might add, or maybe divine guidance!” Elizabeth C. ~ May, 2005

“Thank you for your Website. I've been telling ultra right-wing conservatives that Jesus was a liberal, is a liberal. I hope and pray that more people who demonize liberals so violently in the media (Foxnews), as well as your average American, and preacher, will come to realize and understand the TRUE nature of liberals, as trying to mirror what Jesus Christ taught and stood for.” Will H. ~ May, 2005

“First, let me say that I'm pleased that someone has recognized the liberal leanings of Jesus of Nazareth and is willing to broadcast it. It's astonishing to me how right-wing groups can honestly look at Jesus and tell the world that in him they see a reflection of their own values!” Brandon B. ~ April, 2005

“Bless you all! Hypocrisy is one of my least favorite traits, and I see it all to often in the so-called "Moral Majority" types. It's always good to be reminded of sane Christians who practice what Jesus preached.” Dianna D. ~ April, 2005

“Perhaps the question should be: `Who would Jesus bomb?’" Jay L. ~ April, 2005

“I have recently learned that by divine appointment I have been given a special assignment. I am a warrior of peace that carries a sharp blade of truth and a torch that will luminate the path towards peace and harmony in society. My mission is to work for the common good over the greatest number, which I have learned means that I am suppose to work towards peace and harmony in America which will present us as a mirror of Peace and Harmony to the world, which will serve greatly in the ultimate goal of World Peace. A part of my soul requires that I show true and honest appreciation of the things that I see as having a positive affect on my life's assignment. With that said, I want to say THANK YOU! You are respected warriors of truth fighting for the common good of the greatest number.” DarLen K. ~ April, 2005

“I so do agree with you!!!!!!!!! It is disgusting what the so called righteous Christians are doing in the name of "GOD"!!!!!!” Catherine M. ~ April, 2005

“Strong work!” E. W. ~ April, 2005

“Having a lot of conflicts with my Catholic faith. Fighting with my conservative husband, I've always been liberal & am cringing with this new Pope. No end in sight for change in my church. Searching for answers, thinking of leaving. Nice website, God Bless.” Kathy G. ~ April, 2005

“I'm so glad to see that others hold this view. I thought I had thought of the phrase "Jesus Is a Liberal" myself and typed it into my search engine. There you were. Every week at mass, I hear the liberal views of Christ and feel saddened that His words have been twisted into an agenda of hatred, discrimination and even war in our country. Thank you for your work. I will be sending this on to friends.” Elizabeth S. ~ April, 2005

“A Truly inspirational organization. I thought I and my group of friends were the only Christian liberals. It's refreshing to find individuals so open to tolerance, peace, love, and forgiveness.” E. Thanta ~ March, 2005

“Thank you so much for being here! I have been telling everyone that God is a Liberal since He loves everyone equally. I tell my Republican friends that even though I don't approve of their "lifestyle" I still accept them for who they are. I just bought 6 bumper stickers and I am sure that either I or friends/acquaintances will be buying more. GOD BLESS YOU!!!” Laura H. ~ March, 2005

“Great site - I thought I Was the only one who realized it. I don't get how Jesus ever got misconstrued for a conservative - seems people just worship Jesus of Suburbia...a fictional character that they made up in heir heads.” Paul T. ~ February, 2005

“Great site. I've been a Christian my whole life and never understood how any part of the right wing platform coincides with anything I ever learned or felt about Christ. It's interesting how as I read the bible I found myself picking out the same quotes on this site when I realized that you'd have to have your head in the sand not to realize that Jesus was and is a liberal.” Mike S. ~ February, 2005

“Suggestion for neo-cons out there: Start your own website!! "Jesus was a neo-con!" Jesus really hated fags, minorities and sluts!" Jesus really liked to invade nations to steal their oil resources! Jesus was just pretending to be a carpenter, he was really a multimillionaire megalomaniac! Jesus really idolized the rich and despised the poor! Conservative jerks.” Brad N. ~ January, 2005

“This is great. I am so tired of the filth coming from the so called Right Wing Christians. I will help spread the word.” Dan T. ~ January, 2005

“Good for you - Jesus is not only a liberal - he is The Liberal of all time!” Rich K. ~ January 2005

“I agree with you a hundred percent...I was raised in a Christian home and attended a Christian school (90% of the faculty were Bob Jones University grads)..and I've come to the same conclusion as well..Jesus is a Liberal!!!” Bob ~ December, 2004


“I am very impressed with what I have found on your website and plan to visit it often.” Russ H. ~ Christmas Day, 2004

“I love this site! Thank you.” Craig M. ~ December, 2004

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