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A New Dark Age Begins
Unitarian Jihad
Pharisee Nation
I'll Ask Them Jesus
No Longer a Christian
Wasn't Jesus A Liberal
God is Not A Republican. Or a Democrat
A Liberal Idea
  Who Would Jesus Torture?
Bush and Religion: Anti-Christian, Polarizing and Ugly
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It's Time the GOP Center Took On the Christian Right
Why Can't I Own a Canadian?
Waking the Dead with A Rubber Chicken
Creationism vs. Intelligent Design
Intelligent Design Animals He Has Created
Religious Right's Antarctic Day Dreams “Passion of the Penguins
Koran Verse 9-11 Hoax How Can We Stop Spreading Hate?
Hurricane Katrina and Jesus' Liberal Commandment on "The least of these"
Is Pat Robertson Possessed or an Evil Anti-Christian?
From Constantine to Bush, power has needed to stifle a revolutionary message.

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