Photos from People who Love our Message, our T-Shirts, and Stickers!  

This new page is dedicated to a fine selection of great photos submitted to by people who love our
Message, our t-shirts, our fridge magnets and our bumper stickers.  

Do you have a photo that you want to share?  Please send it to us with the following info: City, State, Country - and if you want, we'd be
happy to have your first name, and last initial too.  Just email us at
Paul @ (remove the spaces before and after
the @ sign!) or contact us at   

Remember, by sending us a  photo you give us full permission and all rights necessary to post your submitted photo on our website.

Send in those photos!

8/13/05  - Our FIRST photo sighting
comes from David B. - Portland, OR -
where he saw our bumper sticker on a
wall of a large pizza oven.

Thank You David!

8/15/05 - An anonymous (by request)
submission by a fan from Vancouver, BC.  
The email was titled "fridge photo".
Thanks to fans in BC!
Anonymous Photo - from Central Park in NYC
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