We Get Hate Mail?  
Yup - and because of the righteous attitude of our
Radically Conservative Christian friends we call it:
                 "Good Christian Hate Mail"
Yes - it's true. We get a whole lot of hate mail - and some with very shocking and unsavory language!  (we won't post
those here).  But, we do get quite a number of angry and vengeful emails - and because so many people either don't
believe we get hate mail or want to see the email, we've decided to post up a few - and to add our comments - to this
Good Christian Hate Mail.  Many of the writers claim to be "True" Christians, or to write on behalf of the True
Jesus.  If you feel moved to respond to one, simply copy the part you like, go to our
Guest Book and have your say!

Update 2/13/06 -- One of the more amazing facets of posting "hate mail" is that since our posting in August, we've
only received one more hate mail.  Amazing!  I guess some are less inclined to leave hate mail if they think it will be
published.  The person who broke this 5 month silence on hate mail claims to be Arioch, the avenging Angel - but
despite being well versed in foul language, Arioch didn't want to capitalize the J in Jesus, but he did capatalize the S
in Satan.  Arioch seems to be very angry with our mixing "politics and religion" with God.  Wonder how he feels about
Pat Robertson?  And President Bush?  And...  Well, hmm.  (PS - we added changed his cursing to add the ***'s).

"You guys f***ing suck.....god and jesus wouldnt have political views....jesus isnt a f***ing hippie! he was our
savior....you cant tie politics to religion....one has nothing to do with the other...so f*** off or Ill sacrafice you
to Satan by crucifying you on an upsidedown cross"  Someone claiming to be "
Arioch" ~ February, 2006

"You're full of shit.  Jesus would never be a liberal.  It is based on lies and deception."  Jesus W. ~ August, 2005

"I have to tell you frankly that what I read was even more pathetic and theologically twisted then I was
expecting!  If one defines liberal as generous and loving, then yes, Jesus was a liberal.  But that is where the
similarities would end."  
Ronald D.  ~ July, 2005

"You must accept that Jesus is deeply grieved by the message you are sending.  Stop defaming Jesus!  Shut down
your website!  Accept the true Jesus into your heart and you will be forgiven or wat you are doing will be
punished severely in this life and the next."   
 J. Hollis ~ July, 2005

"You are a heroin using homosexual pedophile liberal jew."   Anonymous ~ July, 2005

"God Bless America and thank heavens for a God-fearing president who is not afraid to take a stand on what's
right and what's wrong!  I would get rid of the website, shirts, etc. if I was you.  You totally ignore the teachings of
the Bible.  You accept gays openly flaunting their sinful behavior in God's face.  You sit by and approve of millions
of babies being MURDERED every day.  You want to tax hard working Americans to death and give it to lazy
people who refuse to work.  You have no concept of what REAL morality and REAL Christian teachings are!  
Thank God for Bush, and you can burn in hell!"
 True Christian ~ June, 2005

"Jesus was never pro-choice.  There is no such animal as a liberal Christian.  What you are doing with this website
is evil."
  Peter S.  ~ June, 2005

"Jesus said: Do not think that I came to bring peace on earth as I did not come to bring peace but a sword. We
are told that ALL have fallen short of the Glory of God, And that there are none good, no not one!  We are
sinners, the only goodness that we are capable of receiving is that which comes from Jesus, who is the only
perfect one!"    
Anonymous ~ May, 2005

How dare you call Jesus a Liberal?  Was Jesus GAY?!   Was Jesus an ABORTION killer?!   Was Jesus a WELFARE
whore?!  Was Jesus a DRUG dealer?!  Was Jesus saying that you can do anything to anyone and it is all just ok?!  
You will feel the pain of eternal fire and damnation for what you are doing in His name!"   
Anonymous ~ May 2005.

"You liberals are weak and are destroying America.  Christ was not for murder - that is, murdering babies. He
totally believed in the Old Testament Bible and it was clear that being gay and having sex with same sex was
immoral.   We were once a proud Christian nation and now we're a socialist, weak, immoral country because of
your liberals and homosexuals and sickness."    
Amy  April 2005
ransparent than usual.  Gregory T.  ~  July, 2004
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"F**K YOU JACKASS!"   Anonymous ~ March, 2005

"Jesus was NOT a liberal.  For he was the Son of God. Jesus taught of peace and love for your neighbor but he
also spoke of God. He spoke about the importance of faith and the longing for eternal life in heaven and you
can NOT get there with liberal values and liberal actions. He was NOT open-minded in the liberal sense that
everything is OK.   He set up rules that mean liberals and their actions are wrong, and he condemed people to
hell for those things. Jesus came to earth to forgive our sins, not to endorse them like the liberal community
consistantly does."  
Jerry P. ~ January, 2005  

"Jesus said a man should leave parents and cleave to wife not another man.  This is a sin.  Jesus against the
practice of abortion.  And adultery and pre-marital sex (fornication) and birth control and out of families and
gay marriage.  How do you pervert Jesus words?  More liberal media, more liberal trash, more liberal lies.  "  
Susan V. ~ January, 2005

"Yall are a bunch of one verse charlies, yes Jesus loves us all, but that doesn't mean he condones our sins such as
abortion, homosexuality, perversion in general. If you liberals would actually read the Bible in it's entire contents
from front to back maybe then you would know what a Christian should be.  George Bush is not perfect but I
feel safe knowing that he is president agian.  I would have accepted it had Kerry won because it would have
been Gods will,  if you trust in God you know he has a plan in mind.    In closing our world is going sour all
around us our children are being taught that it's normal to have two moms, two dads, there is so much
corruption in this world I am glad that my daughters get to see a President with high morals and is Godly
hopefully there will be one more before the end."  
Melissa A.  ~  December, 2005

"What does it mean that he will rule with a rod of iron?  "You know the scripture and have rejected it's truths.
Why is it that Christians are mostly Republican? Why is it that Jews the ones who don't believe in Jesus but they
are mostly liberals? To say that you say here s a sin. GOD is the LORD ABOVE ALL.  He doesn't take a side and he
doesn't have to because Bush is his man in this world and is doing God's work. I know what your scam is. Its
probably to get more people to vote for Kerry. I am not one of those people you can try brain washing. Bush
praise GOD and not those who follow there own liberal human beliefs. If you don't want to write back its okay
but i just pray that this website will go away and that you may pray about this. GOD WILL SHOW you the way
through George Bush. Amen."   
Wilson G. ~ December, 2004

"Sorry to disappoint you but in 21st Century America being a liberal means everything Jesus opposed. An
American liberal is totally in favor of killing babies moments before they are born. An American liberal wants
acceptance and favortism for men who live in sexual perversion with other men. America was founded by a
bunch of men who today would be considered conservatives. They did an incredible job, as led by the hand of
God in giving us the greatest country on earth. Modern American liberals will gut the meaning of our country and
ultimately destroy America if given a chance."   
Dale L. ~ November, 2004

"Thank you for preaching my work Beelzebub AKA Lucifer you know me the one that was but is no longer so I
have to use organizations such as yourself to do my bidding…Keep up the good work and hope you come see
me in a few years…While I cant stop Armageddon I can only add to the people who get destroyed at that time
and you will be a great tool for me to use.  Just an FYI, the 10-horned beast is about to expose himself so do not
be alarmed."   
Beelzebub ~  November, 2004

"This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen."  Martin G. ~ November, 2004

"You are very wrong in classifying the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as a Liberal. He is the farthest from a Liberal as
anybody. I do not have any Bible verses to support me right now but I do know some. You as liberals do to the
bible what you do to the law of the land. Interpret it to suit your own words. Only those who are blinded by
Satan will try to do that. I'll be writing again soon and I'll continue to pray for you, my enemies, and hope that
God opens your eyes."  
(signed) The Prez. ~ October, 2004

"Liberals, almost by the definition, respresenting the so-called "Middle ground" are liars.  They try to speak from
both sides of their mouths to placate everyone and fail miserably. The words "Liberal" and "Evil" are synonymous.
Liberals are the founders of the killing of unborn children in this country, without question.  That policy is 100%
Liberal.  To hell with all of you."  
Larry W.  ~  October, 2004

"This is sick...Giving Jesus Christ, the son of God, a political affiliation! Yes I am conservative to the core, but i
would still strongly disagree if one of my conservative brothers made a similar page. This is ridiculous. I have never
even imagined the a page like this could exist. You cannot speak for my God.   
Ralph S.  ~ October, 2004

"Jesus wasn't a liberal. He was a conservative. He never said "and we will make it so those who work hard will
reap no reward and those who are lazy must only reproduce and they may collect welfare" do you liberals even
make people reproduce to collect welfare.  Liberals are scum bags.  Jesus was nothing like you.  God Bless
George Bush!  Rock on."  
Garrett G. ~ September, 2004

"Horrible blasphemy!   You have twisted what the Scripture really says.  This is a evil and false teaching.   May God
have mercy on your souls!"  Anonymous ~ August, 2004

"Just like a liberal to take the Holy Bible out of context like everything else you shallow minded pinheads do. The
road to hell is paved with liberals!  Suckers!"   Dick S. ~ August, 2004

"I will pray for your souls as you burn in hell.  You are an abomination of all that HE stands for.  God help you."   
Greg H.  ~  July, 2004

"Liberals are only interested in power . God and Jesus believe in free choice.   And most liberals are atheist and
only speak of Jesus when they are trying to throw him in our face like you are now.  You only make a fool of
yourself and are more transparent than usual.  Gregory T.  ~  July, 2004
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