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Liberal Christian, Liberal Catholics, and other Liberal Faiths...  
We welcome Liberal & Progressive Christians - Liberal Christian's Page

We welcome Liberal & Progressive Catholics - Liberal Catholic's Page

We welcome New Christian Democrats - New Christian Democrat's Page

We welcome Unitarian Christians & Unitarians - Unitarian Christian & Unitarian Page

We welcome Liberal & Progressive Jews - Liberal & Progressive Jew Page
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We welcome Liberal & Progressive Islamic Faiths - Liberal Islamic Faiths Page
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We welcome Liberal & Progressive Hindus - Liberal & Progressive Hindus Page
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We welcome All Liberal & Progressive Faiths - All Liberal & Progressive Faiths Page
Enlightened & Positive Sponsors & Friends... - With its historical roots in the Jewish and Christian traditions, Unitarian Universalism is a liberal
religion -- that is, a religion that keeps an open mind to the religious questions people have struggled with in all
times and places. We believe that personal experience, conscience and reason should be the final authorities in
religion, and that in the end religious authority lies not in a book or person or institution, but in ourselves  - web site attempts to describe dozens of religions, faith groups, & controversial
religious & moral topics in an objective, balanced manner.  - Advocating for GLBT equality in the church and politics. This site
has been viewed by open-minded people with open hearts in 130 nations!
Liberal & Progressive Christian, Catholic, Jewish, Islamic....Religious & Spiritual Websites & Links....

Bill Greenberg's Website - nifty website by a bright, retired PhD physicist - the site shares thoughtful ideas and insightful excerpts from a Liberal &
Progressive view of Christianity, Science and Politics. The full URL is:  - interfaith organization committed to active nonviolence as a transforming way of life & envision a world of justice, peace, & freedom. -    We are a are a multi-faith e-community designed to help you meet your own religious and spiritual needs -- in an interesting,
captivating and engaging way.  - interfaith organization committed to active nonviolence as a transforming way of life & envision a world of justice, peace, & freedom. - Professor, writer, Christian writer has a great new book: "Jesus was a Liberal: How the Conservative Agenda is a
Rejection of Christ’s Teachings".  Check out the website and the book. - Liberal Forum is a liberal discussion forum, liberal discussion board, a liberal chat site, a liberal debate forum. The activists,
intellectuals and concerned citizens who discuss here agree with Liberalism.  -  site promotes religious freedom, tolerance & diversity as positive cultural values.  - promotes just people, just ideas, and just governance and to find non-radical solutions to the problems in the world we live
in.  -   online Jewish magazine "dedicated to pursuing justice, building community and repairing the world."  -  Liberal Christian website and magazine.  Christians for Justice and Peace, supporting the biblical connection between social justice
and spiritual renewal, with an excellent magazine "Sojourners".
Places To Make A Difference In The World...  -   working to eradicate pediatric AIDS, give hope to children with AIDS, and to provide care and treatment to people with HIV/AIDS.  -  exists to alleviate suffering, poverty, and oppression by helping people build secure, productive, and just communities.   -   click a link and corporations donate money to defeating breast cancer.   -   click a link and corporations donate food to the hungry.
Friends & Helpful Websites! - Going Live in June, 2011, this web site features tools, tips, ideas, and gear for maximizing
Success in Your Life!

The Village Enterprise Fund
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Jesus Is A Liberal                  Faiths, Friends & Links - Dedicated to activities and events that demonstrate to George Bush and the Republican
Right that Jesus would not agree with their actions.
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