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Author Jerry Wilde
Jesus was a Liberal
How the Conservative Agenda is a Rejection of Christ’s Teachings
Jerry Wilde

In Jesus was a Liberal, Jerry Wilde takes on conservatives who have “stolen Jesus” and used (and abused) Christ for
political gain. He uses Jesus’ words and deeds to demonstrate how the conservative philosophy has very little to do
with the way Jesus wants people to live.  He cites specific examples to support his beliefs.  

For example, President Bush signed the death warrants of 11 juveniles while he was governor of Texas.  During his
tenure, Texas led the world in the executions of minors.  The next closest country was Iran.  This is from a man who
claims that his favorite philosopher is Jesus Christ.  

In the chapter “Blessed are the Poor,” he addresses the ways in which the policies of Republican administrations have
harmed the underprivileged.  The Right speaks of “compassionate conservatism” but that’s just a marketing phrase.  
Wilde addresses how conservative policies have consistently benefited the powerful and harmed the weak.  

Liberals have been doing Christ’s work when they advocate for the poor and powerless.  Jesus was a Liberal also
addresses topics such as racism, the lies leading up to the Iraq war, the environment, and the mistreatment of

Jesus was a Liberal is a call to arms. He urges liberals to take back our country and our Savior.  The conservative
agenda is a falsification, and even a rejection, of Christ’s teachings.  Jesus said, Then you will know the truth, and the
truth will set you free.  Well, the truth is Christ was no conservative, Jesus was a Liberal.    


About the Author:

Jerry Wilde is an associate professor at Indiana University East and a member of Central United Methodist Church in
Richmond, Indiana. The loves of his life are his children, his family, the Iowa Hawkeyes, Diet Mt. Dew, and Jesus – but
not necessarily in that order.
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