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The God We Never Knew
Beyond Dogmatic Religion To A More Authenthic Contemporary Faith
Marcus J. Borg  

Answering the many "spiritual" questions left unaddressed by such popular historical bestsellers as A History of God
and God: A Biography, renowned author Marcus Borg reveals how to embrace an authentic contemporary faith that
reconciles God with science, critical thinking and religious pluralism.

How to have faith--how to even think about God--without having to stifle modern rationality is one of the most vital
challenges facing contemporary religion. In providing a much-needed solution to the problem of how to have a fully
authentic yet fully contemporary understanding of God, Borg--author of the bestselling Meeting Jesus Again for the
first Time--traces his personal journey. He leads readers from the all-powerful and authoritarian God of his (and
their) childhood and traditional faith to an equally powerful but dynamic image of God that is relevant to
contemporary seekers and more biblical and spiritually authentic.

In a compelling, readable way, he leads us from the distant, authoritarian God of our childhood to an equally
powerful, dynamic adult image of God--"the beyond in our midst," the life spirit that is within us and all around
us--that reconciles faith with science, history, critical thinking, and religious pluralism.

Borg shows how the modern crisis of faith is itself rooted in delusion--misinterpretation of biblical texts and of God's
true nature--and challenges readers to a new way of thinking about God. He opens a practical discussion about how
to base a relationship with the divine both immanent and transcendant, here and now, always and everywhere.

Arguing that the authentic Judeo-Christian tradition is that God's being includes the whole world, Borg persuasively
shows how this understanding accounts for the whole variety of human religious experience. Ultimately, he
introduces readers to a way of thinking about God who is "right here" all around them, rather than distant and
remote. This understanding is more intellectually and spiritually satisfying and allows readers to reclaim a stronger
sense of God's presence.

Other Reviews:

The Oregonian - "Borg does what few scholars on religion seem capable of doing: He has digested an immense
amount of difficult, often conflicting religious ideas and written a clear, coherent, and highly readable theological
work that satisfies the mind and the soul."

Harold Kushner, author of When Bad Things Happen to Good People calls the book: "A breath of fresh air, a
liberating book for Jews and Christians alike."

Frederick Buechner, author of The Storm and On the Road with the Archangel: "Persuasive and inspiriting."

Robert N. Bellah, author of Habits of the Heart and The Good Society: "The God We Never Knew tells us who God
is in a way that is both authentically traditional and vividly contemporary, something no one has been able to do for
a long time. The book will appeal to unbelieving seekers and faint-hearted believers, but it also has riches for those
who think their faith is secure. Christianity here is not reduced to a private spirituality, but the God Borg would have
us meet calls us to re-orient the whole of our lives, not just as individuals but as a society as well."

About the Author:

Marcus J. Borg is Hundere Distinguished Professor of Religion and Culture at Oregon State University and
bestselling author of the The Heart of Christianity, Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time, Reading the Bible Again
for the First Time, The God We Never Knew, and Jesus: A New Vision.
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