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Why the Christian Right is Wrong
A minister's Manifesto for Taking Back Your Faith, Your Flag, Your Future
Robin Meyers

“I join the ranks of those who are angry, because I have watched as the faith I love has been taken over by
fundamentalists who claim to speak for Jesus but whose actions are anything but Christian.”  

   —Robin Meyers, from his “Speech Heard Round the World”

Millions of Americans are outraged at the Bush administration’s domestic and foreign policies and even angrier that
the nation’s religious conservatives have touted these policies as representative of moral values.  Why the Christian
Right Is Wrong is a rousing manifesto that will ignite the collective conscience of all whose faith and values have
been misrepresented by the Christian Right.

Building on the themes of his now-famous speech, Meyers claims peace, poverty, and the environment, among
others, as religious concerns, and points out how the values of the Christian Right and the Bush administration
conflict with the gospel of Christ. Indignant without being self-righteous, this book offers positive, practical advice on
resistance and advocacy.

Meyers, a United Church of Christ minister and Oklahoma City University professor of rhetoric, became an Internet
celebrity when his November 2004 anti-war remarks bounced from continent to continent. In response, Meyers
expanded ten of his most salient points into a self-titled manifesto which not only highlights the dichotomy between
the Right's talk of Christian values and its walk—which he believes is characterized by shameful, immoral behavior—
but provides a call to action.

Patiently, he gives a series of impassioned reminders of the essence of what Jesus taught, believed and lived. For
readers who are "indignant over the direction of this country," and feel that the time has come for "dignified, but
tangible resistance," Meyers delivers an unambiguous, palpable blueprint.

This is an excellent read!
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