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Read this NEW SPECIALLY FEATURED BOOK by an Exciting Young Author - Jerry Wilde:
Jesus was a Liberal: How the Conservative Agenda is a Rejection of Christ’s Teachings
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Our Endangered Values outlines
Carter's moral world-view while
pondering what he posits are key
problems looming in the 21st
century. Carter's arguments for
common-sense change resonate
deeply with both mainline Christian
and Liberal Christian thought.

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A Spiritual Vision of a Life..."in
which kindness, generosity,
nonviolence, humility, inner and
outer peace, love and wonder at the
grandeur of creation stand at the
center of our political and economic
systems and become the major
realities of our daily life experience."

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Why the Christian Right Is Wrong is
a rousing progressive and liberal
Christian manifesto that will ignite
the collective conscience of all
whose faith and values have been
misrepresented by stunning greed,
power-mongering, hypocrisy and
lies of the Radical Christian Right.  

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An evangelical Christian says that
the pro-war, pro-rich,  ultra partisan
Christian Right has focused its
energies mainly on sexual and
cultural issues while ignoring
fundamental Christian Spiritual
values of community, reconciliation,
peace, poverty, equality and justice.

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In Spirit Matters identifies the central
problem of our time as the total  
globalization of selfishness.  The
only  serious alternative to that
unhappy state is the globalization of
spiritual consciousness and the  
development of an “Emancipatory
Spirituality.”  This is a great read!

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Brilliantly reclaims the Bible from
the narrow-minded literalism used
to justify slavery, ban textbooks,
deny the rights of gays, subordinate
women, and justify war and revenge.
The Bishop revives the imaginative
possibilities of ancient Scripture.

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Bishop Spong proposes a bold
pastoral response to sexuality
based on scripture and history to the
changing realities of the modern
world. He calls for a moral vision to
empower the church with inclusive
teaching about equal, loving,
non-exploitative relationships.

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Many of cherished biblical stories and
widely held beliefs concerning the
divinity of Jesus, the Trinity, and the
divine origins of the Bible itself stem
from both intentional and accidental
alterations - which dramatically affect
all subsequent versions of the Bible.

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This remarkable book brings us
closer to how Jesus was really
understood in his day and could be
in ours. Building upon his earlier
conclusions that Jesus'
Jewishness is the key to deeply
understanding Jesus' life, Spong
contends that the failure to read the
Gospels as fundamentally Jewish
impoverishes many of our current
traditional Christian readings.

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Answering the many "spiritual"
questions left unaddressed by
others, Borg shows us how to
embrace a truly authentic  
contemporary faith that reconciles
God with science, modern life
critical thinking and religious

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This book of prayer helps to evoke
all of creation as our palette for
public worship, leaving nothing and
no one out of our prayers.  When
everything in creation is present—it
is easy to reach the heart of God
and the Holy is at the center of our
gathered community, our prayers
will have more impact, both
spiritually and secularly.”

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This book provides a great resource
for progressives who want to learn the
moral underpinnings for their point of
view.  This is done on a whole wealth
of issues such as globalization,
abortion, the environment and gay
rights among many others. If you are
a Christian and a progressive and
want to stand up to the "religious
right", then I recommend this book!

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