Sunday, September 18, 2005

Intelligent Design & Mankind's Eco-Destruction:
Hard Questions for the "Religious Righteous"

Over and over again, the proponents of the religious creation theory called "Intelligent Design" claim that Theory of Evolution cannot explain the complexity, indeed the very mystery of the vast, diverse and glorious life created by God on this planet.

Yet at the very same time, these right wing fundamentalists are glorifying and praising the magnificence of the diversity, complexity and awesome beauty if His creations on Earth, they assail environmentalists who would seek to preserve and conserve His masterpieces as anti-American wackos, anti-Christian hereatics, and a threat to our "way of life".

Because we find this paradox stupifying, we at Jesus Is A Liberal have created a list of questions for our Rightwing Conservative Christians friends. Help us all out here - read these questions, contemplate and pray about the answers and then email us and respond here: Submit Responses. We will publish as many of the answers received as possible.

Here are the questions:

(1) Is not this Earth, this Garden planet, God’s Creation?

(2) If you believe that God created this Earth Garden, the why do you turn a blind eye to the greatest sin of all mankind – the utter destruction of His complex and irreplaceable rain forests, ecosystems, pure rivers and clear streams, wetlands?

(3) How can you ignore our making extinct the beauty and grace of God’s amazing, unique and diverse creatures – the willful destruction of all He has created in His Intelligent Design?

(4) How will God’s Intelligent Design withstand the sin of our arrogance, our destruction, our greed?

(5) Who among you will stand up and be counted as one who will dedicate their Life Purpose to preserve the ecosystems, the amazing animals & animals He has created?

We look forward to your heart felt answers.

Peace -



At Tuesday, September 05, 2006 9:04:00 PM, xsooite said...

First, I have no problem with your points regarding Intelligent Design & Mankind's Eco-Destructions points. We are both commanded to till the earth (ie care for it) ie Genesis, and in Rev. we will be judged for its abuse. As a matter of fact I LIKE your questions.

Second, not all right wing Christians would assent to a view that caring for the planet God has given us is is ONLY the loud mouth blowhards who seem to get heard (unfortunately). Most conservatives I know think environmentalism is something a believer should do. It is simple respect for the gift of Creation.

Third, Jesus is neither liberal nor conservative. He would decry both conservatism (wooden literalists, self-righteousness, idolators) and liberalisms (immoral, hedonist idolators). I think he would call us to be LIBERAL in love, and conservative in THEOLOGY. The balance of His truth and application of love would serve as an ideal balance in a world of cuckoos. (-:


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